Since 2015 Wellspring has worked with people in the Dementia, Older People’s, Stroke, Cystic Fibrosis and Critical Care wards in Nottingham and Derby hospitals and in Church Farm Care homes. This work is only possible through the generosity of our funders and private donations.

The following comments demonstrate the difference Wellspring makes to people’s lives.

“I have worked on B47 for four years and at times it can be very stressful and distressing. You create a lovely calm atmosphere and the benefits to patients (and staff) can be felt even after you have gone. Please keep coming” Staff, B47

Dad had been very distressed and tearful but the music struck a chord. It seemed to move him (and me) and at that moment was balm to the soul. A very poignant moment” Relative, B47.

“Seeing the smile on someone’s face simply by having such soothing music and a calming presence, it’s just lovely” Relative, Stroke.

“You brought peace to my heart” Patient, B47

“You made us happy. Brought memories back” Patient, B47

“That took me back to when I was sixteen” Patient, B47

“I’ve never seen her that engaged in anything before” Staff (of a patient), Stroke.

“Their musical effects are uplifting; this outcome leads to a feeling of increased wellbeing and greater engagement in their recovery.Ward Manager, Stroke  

 “You guys are amazing! You’ve made our patients’ day and really engaged with them. It’s a pleasure to see our patients so happy and enjoying their time with you” Staff, Stroke

“Thank you so much for bringing happiness to my dad through your lovely music” Relative, Stroke

 “Brilliant! We had a patient who was distressed and was needing blood tests…the lady relaxed and calmed down and this helped us do the necessary tests. Patient was very happy! Thank you” Doctor, B47.

 “The music has soothed my pain away” Patient, B47

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