Tony Till – Stroke Specialist Nurse & Stroke Day Case Unit Manager:

“Wellspring’s visits have been instrumental in improving patient experience and has helped with a positive rehabilitation. Their involvement across the unit is now established and is recognised as having a positive effect on the mood of our patients.”

Jo McAuley, Occupational Therapist and Advanced Practitioner in Older people’s mental health, B47:

“I have observed Wellspring music as they have offered their personalised music service to B47 for the last two years.

They are popular with patients, families, and staff alike.

Wellspring Music are able to forge connections through their music with people with moderate to severe dementia.  We have observed patients on B47 becoming more relaxed as a result of Wellspring Music. Patients who have been distressed have been seen to join in singing, and to have improved mood, as a result of the music. Their music offers an opportunity for patients to assert a sense of identity; it encourages staff to see the patient as a person first and foremost.

We have seen that the Wellspring musicians are skilled at identifying songs which are known to our patients, and providing the musical accompaniment to promote song. By focussing on traditional songs, the musicians encourage reminiscence, which has been found to improve wellbeing for this population. The Wellspring musicians also encourage singing along as part of their music delivery.

It is therefore my opinion that the wellspring musicians have been beneficial in improving the quality of stay for patients and their relatives. Through the reduction of agitation, they have also reduced the burden of care on nursing staff. They have had an advantageous effect on the culture of the ward, with their visits being looked forward to and planned around.”

Annie Barringham – Sister, NUH Stroke Unit:

“Their weekly visits have enhanced the patient (and visitors) experience as well as complemented their rehabilitation regardless of each individual’s mental and physical abilities. As an alternative means of communication / interaction Wellspring Music provide a therapeutic emotional release which reduces stress and anxiety for all. Their musical effects are uplifting; this outcome leads to a feeling of increased wellbeing and greater engagement in their recovery.”


“Really engaged, encouraged patients, triggered memories and improved cognition” Student Occupational Therapist, B47