B47 Day Room

Today we played in the day room on Ward B47. One lady was agitated and wanted to go home. She was reassured by the activities co-ordinator that she was going home later in the day. She started talking to me about how she used to play the mandolin and I let her have a go on mine. She then said that her family used to play all together and many musicians used to come to their house in Poland. She couldn’t remember what her brothers used to play and she didn’t know what happened to them. The Russian soldiers had come and taken her away to Siberia and then someone had brought her to England. She played the glockenspiel with us on and off for fifteen minutes or so, very much stilled and calmed by the engagement. Just before leaving she said how everything had been lost “All gone. Blown away by the wind”. It only struck me when I got home that not all had been lost, she had not been blown away by the wind.

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