Blog post from Skylarks Care Home:

Entering Nightingale we played and sang softly for the residents gathered there to many smiles and a little dancing. One lady we have seen regularly seemed particularly withdrawn and “far away”. She has lost much of her verbal communication and struggles to engage in activities. Holding and swinging hands with her in time to the music we started singing and playing You Are My Sunshine. She immediately looked at me with clear focus and sang with us all the way through. I then sang How Much is That Doggy in The Window which she didn’t sing and I asked her if she knew that one to which she immediately replied “No”. We then started Somewhere Over The Rainbow to which she immediately responded and sang all the way through again holding my gaze with great attention. During the music she would sometimes let go of my hand but then consciously reach out for it again. “Did you like that one?” I asked to which she immediately replied “Yes”. I felt that the music had reached out to her and created a bridge between us creating a profound sense connection and of her being totally present in those moments in time.

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