Blog post from Ward B47

This great interaction happened in the Day Room of specialist dementia care Ward B47 at QMC, in which six patients and two staff were gathered. We were warmly welcomed and introduced to the room by the Activities Co-ordinator, and as usual some patients were alert and chatty while others seemed withdrawn and uncommunicative. As one of the ladies was Irish, we began with some Irish jigs and the room was immediately engaged, listening and commenting on the music. We then sang some popular songs and gradually introduced instruments (xylophone, glockenspiel, shakers etc) which were shared and played for half an hour. People joined in with the singing which stimulated the remembering and singing of songs they knew. Other staff came and went, smiling at the scene, some staying longer and taking part. Natural pauses were filled with conversations and reminiscences triggered by the music. As the group continued playing after we had moved on to the ward, we felt a real sense of community and social occasion had been created for staff and patients.

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